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I like John Zorn, cigars, and card games. I dislike alfredo sauce, texting, and the State.


In a discussion on Facebook having to do with my choosing not to vote for Barack Obama, my friend Jeff raised some points. As I owed him a longer reply than FB would accommodate, I’m doing it as a blog … Continue reading

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Common Good and the Freedom To

This is a little rambling, so my apologies for the lack of composition. Just some thoughts from an article I read this morning. While he at least outlines the libertarian case against selective tax breaks, I disagree with his … Continue reading

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Introducing myself

Hello. We the shadowy cabal behind this blog have decided to write posts introducing ourselves, and though I haven’t done anything for the blog as yet, I’ve greedily taken the initiative. My name is Gene Mayes, and I’m a scary … Continue reading

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