So, just what is Agreeable Anarchism?

Well, it’s just what it says on the package. The tagline of this blog is “anarchist responses to current events” and that’s exactly what we aim to do here.

What’s the name all about?

Those of us that write for this blog are generally pretty agreeable folks. We think that anarchism gets a bad rap as an ideology for the immature and self-absorbed. We think we can present anarchist ideas in a way that most people will actually find pretty reasonable and that we can be fairly nice while we do it.

So, who is this blog for?

For anyone, really. There seem to be a lot of anarchist blogs and forums that are really for people who are already on board with the idea that the state ain’t necessary. Hopefully, those folks will have a good time here. But we like to think there are plenty of folks who aren’t sold on anarchism yet but would be willing to learn more if those ideas were presented in a palatable way, and so we hope this blog is for them, too.

Who are you guys? Are you famous? Are you totally off the wall?

Nah, we’re just folks. We live, we work, we eat, we watch sports, we go to the bar. We’re about as normal as anyone else. That’s sort of part of the point. Most anarchists are “just folks.”

What kind of anarchists are you?

Eh, I hesitate to use the term “anarchist without adjectives” because that actually has connotations of its own. More on this in the near future, hopefully.

OMG, you guys linked to The Nation/Cato/Von Mises/Infoshop/etc. How can you like those people?

Well, as a general principle those of us involved in this blog think that there can be some value in lots of different areas. It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyways, that linking to one article at, say, the Von Mises Institute doesn’t mean we endorse their entire program by any means. But in the marketplace of ideas, it’s usually worth trying to sample as many of the goods as possible.

Are you guys going to bore us with really long, dry articles about economic theory?

Our intent is not to bore. Anyone who contributes to this blog is free to write in any manner they choose, but I’ll say that for myself [ed. note: FlexFlexerson is writing this], I think there are already a lot of great writers and thinkers doing a lot of heavy lifting in the theory and philosophy department and it’s not my intent to compete with them in formulating the Grand Theories of Anarchism.

Are you trying to speak for all anarchists? Because I’m an anarchist and I disagree with something you wrote!

Obviously, if we were trying to do that we’d be pretty conceited. No, we recognize that in whatever we write we can’t speak for anyone but ourselves. That said, when possible we’ll try to show that the positions we’re articulating aren’t actually alien to anarchism and what we’re saying may actually be something other people besides us agree with.

If you disagree with something we wrote, feel free to comment about it. Ideas shouldn’t be set in stone and we’re all happy to be engaged in a good discussion. Because, hey, that’s what we’re here for.


3 Responses to About

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  2. anarchofeminist says:

    “Nah, we’re just folks. We live, we work, we eat, we watch sports, we go to the bar. We’re about as normal as anyone else. That’s sort of part of the point. Most anarchists are “just folks.””

    Cool story, bro.

  3. thecephlapod says:

    This is an exciting venture and I’m looking forward to frequenting this blog. Keep up the good work fellows!

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