Site Update

Hello all,

I apologize for the quietness around here (not a great way to get a blog going, I know) but, of late, the non-plugged in life has been taking precedent for those of us here at Agreeable Anarchism. We still plan to make this blog active, but it requires a bit of a re-engagement on our part. For that, we apologize.

You may notice that the tagline of the blog has been slightly modified from “Anarchist Responses to Current Events” to “Current Events and Culture.” This just allows us to expand our focus a bit and give us a little more leeway in terms of what we’re writing about.

To your right, you will also notice the addition of a blogroll with… one entry. The blog is Anarchy in the News, and it’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to find, well, anarchists and anarchy in the news. We may add a few more links, especially any links to news sites we use regularly.

There’s a lot going on in the world, both at home and abroad, and we hope to comment on some of it soon. Cheers!


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One Response to Site Update

  1. BroadSnark says:

    Well, now I am feeling bad for neglecting Anarchy in the News :0

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