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The Egypt Protests

We’ll be revisiting Egypt here in future posts, but since there is a lot going on today it seems worthwhile to at least provide some links to the coverage and analysis we’ve been using to follow this situation. -Promoting Peace’s … Continue reading

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The Palestine Papers

There is a lot going on in the Middle East right now, all of it deserving of attention. This will hopefully be the first in a series of posts over the next few weeks on issues and news focused on … Continue reading

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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Okay, so the fact that it’s taken me several days to do even my introductory post should be enough to set the tone for my future contributions to this blog. My name is Jon Wolter. I live in Chicago, IL, … Continue reading

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Happy 202nd, Proudhon

It’s Pierre-Joseph Proudhon’s 202nd birthday today. For anyone who hasn’t read it, What is Property? is considered one of those “foundational works” you hear so much about. Of course, he wrote plenty of other good stuff too.

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Allow Myself to Introduce… Myself

Nothing like kicking off an introductory post with a dated Austin Powers reference. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Maybe. Figured an introductory post would be a good idea just so all my proverbial cards are on the table and … Continue reading

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Introducing myself

Hello. We the shadowy cabal behind this blog have decided to write posts introducing ourselves, and though I haven’t done anything for the blog as yet, I’ve greedily taken the initiative. My name is Gene Mayes, and I’m a scary … Continue reading

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On the Tucson Shooting

Okay, inaugural post and topic. Over the weekend, in the U.S. the big news was that there was an assassination attempt on a Representative (Giffords) of Arizona that left her and 12 others wounded, with six killed – including a federal judge … Continue reading

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